Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sharon, Part 5

My Meeting With Madame Tara

That text message made me realize that I needed some help if I were to ever track down Sharon. The best psychic I knew was Madame Tara, working out of New York City. I hadn’t seen her since 2004; I hoped she was still on top of her game...

“I knew you were coming...” Said the Mysterious Madam as I walked into her tiny shop.

“How do you do that? You always know when I'm coming!”

She was still the same Tara. She smiled faintly and directed me to sit at her ‘Divination Table.’ It was bare, save for a large crystal ball in the exact center of the top.

“It is a woman you seek, with Batty it is always a woman, n’est-ce pas?"

Madame T was never much for chit-chat.

“Gaze into the ball…”

We sat for a few minutes, peering into that milky lump of glass.  WhenI was beginning to think the Madame had lost her touch a dim red glow came from within the orb. It grew brighter and brighter until there appeared a distinct image of my quarry:

“This one’s a little on the skinny side, no? I was that thin once, remember? Of course you always liked them lithe... ”

“Never mind that, where can I find her?”

The sarcastic seer sighed and dashed off a couple of lines in Esperanto on a scrap of paper. She turned it over and wrote an address.

“When you get there, give this message to the receptionist, they’ll arrange it so that you will be able to see this “object of your desire’ ...”

“It's strictly business, between her and me, I thought you knew everything?”

“Is it? I know many things but some imperfectly; your heart, however, I know all too well.”

She didn't have to bring that up. What can I say? When Tara and I were young we had been in love; it was a crazy love; she liked to play rough. Too rough. But what she had said was true. She always knew when I was coming. I left her shop and hailed a taxi...

Part 5 of 7

By Professor Batty


Blogger KokoWorks said...

The Madam looks like she could be a distant Spotbottom cousin!

Blogger Comica said...

I absolutely love this picture! It looks like you're on a New Age talk show and savoring every moment. ;)

Blogger Móðir, kona, meyja said...

Comica, those pics are from the witch shop in Reykjavík, Iceland. Don't let the professor fool you.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

... curses! I've been found out!

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