Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Best Fireworks Ever

   If you think about it, a modern fireworks display is a very controlled experience. Due to the dangerous nature of the fireworks themselves, extreme care is used in their manufacture, transportation and exhibition. When I was a teenager (hmhmyears ago), our neighborhood park would always celebrate the fourth with a pyrotechnic extravaganza, launched from the parks' sledding hill, out over the mighty and majestic Shingle Creek. One year, an errant missile, only the second or third in the program, fell back unto the stacks of unlit rockets.

   An immediate chaotic eruption ensued. Instead of thud - whoosh - boom, with colorful sparks making orderly flowers of fire in the sky above, we had a 3-D nightmare scene of people running, sideways explosions, and the sense of "this can't be happening!" Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but that was the end of our neighborhood fireworks. As a spectacle, it was hard to top - instead of looking at the fireworks, you were in the fireworks!

By Professor Batty


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as I recall, didn't one of the guys run into the creek to put himself out? or was this a figment of my seven year old imagination?

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