Monday, July 12, 2004


   I live in the U.S. of A.

   The U.S. of A. is BIG.

   The people who live in the U.S. of A are BIG (mostly).

   It wasn't always like this. It used to be that the people here were like people everywhere else- some tiny, some small, some medium, some large, some big (Not in terms of height, in terms of proportion). Now the distribution is skewed, and getting worse. My question about this is why? Why so many, why so big, why here, why now? With tons of low-cal, low-fat, low carb options available you would think that we would be a nation of skeletons. Think about those "options." If it is a processed item (ie: something that you can't pick from your garden, or catch, or gather from the natural world) chances are pretty high that it is BAD FOOD. This has nothing to do with taste, Some food is BAD FOR YOU regardless of its flavor. If you eat bad food, you will still hunger for nourishment. Then you will eat more. This fact, coupled with insidious (and highly effective) marketing by large multinational corporations, and a sedentary lifestyle, leaves the American consumer at a deadly disadvantage.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Doe said...

Ahhhh Professer. You have got it. I work in a grocery store. And am stuned to see what goes in peoples carts. I spend a whopping $100. a month on food. I eat well. Large portions of meat, veggies salads and fruits. I am not afraid of grains but not a grain kinda person. I am also thin.

The things I hear and just want to scream over. ..

I can't afford to eat like that...... hmmm Why can I?

I don't have time to fix meals...... slow it down buy real food drop the fat... Cut something else out of your life that less important than your overall health!

ok done ranting..

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