Wednesday, July 14, 2004


   While approaching my local market for the selection of the week's comestibles and sundries, I came upon an arrest in progress. The suspect, a very well groomed, handsome man in his late twenties, was surrounded by a half - dozen security guards. One, behind the alleged "perp" was forcefully instructing him to hold still, as he was attempting to "cuff" the miscreant. This desperado (and indeed, he was desperate) was shouting at the guards, out of hopelessness I suppose, in a vain attempt to be freed. The police had not yet arrived, and figuring that my presence was not needed or desired, I entered the store.

   As I shopped, I wondered what offense had been committed? Shoplifting? I suppose it was possible, although probably not groceries - maybe trying to lift a narcotic at the pharmacy. Or perhaps he had a habit of writing bad checks - although that is usually left to collection agencies. Identity theft? Using a stolen credit card? Who knows? Later, as I walked the isles, I saw a police officer leaving the stores' office. They then must have been taking him to the squad car, for as he went by the door I heard another string of threats and demands by the "crook". Did he think that yelling would do anything for him?

   Once you have been "cuffed" the time for tough talk is over - save it for the judge.

By Professor Batty


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I work in a grocery store in a not so good part of town. My comment became so long that I deleated most of it. I think I will blog the rest at my place.

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