Monday, July 19, 2004

Second Hand Nirvana

I stopped in at the Thrift Store on my way home from work. You never can tell what will turn up there. Today I saw the Dali Lama shopping. He had the silk robe, the shaved head, the glasses, etc… I guess that although his material needs are few, he does have some. Maybe he was shopping for a razor, another bowl and spoon, or some new sandals.

There was a cassette tape of Nirvana on the shelf a few days ago, was he looking for it? Maybe it wasn’t the REAL Dali Lama, only a poseur, a wannabe, or perhaps a body double. He was looking through a bin of hand tools, maybe there was a broken hinge that needed mending at the temple.

Whoever he was, (and he was a dead ringer) he was regular guy, not slumming or putting on airs. No ‘holier that thou’ attitude.

When you shop second-hand, everybody is equal.

By Professor Batty


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