Thursday, August 12, 2004

Phone Phoebe

In my teeny-bopper days, there was a radio call-in bulletin board on the top 40 station. Every afternoon, you could call and leave messages to your friends (or enemies) and they would be transcribed and read over the air. Our "gang" (how naive we were!) would call in and make comments about our favorite bands and/or rivals at the junior high.

After a while, we got to “know” kids from other schools. The kids that intrigued us the most were a group of girls from across town, known on the radio as “Ringo Pribella and her Back Porch Perchers”. They liked the Beatles while we, in our clueless-ness, liked The Dave Clark Five. We would exchange messages about the worth or lack thereof of either group, but I think we were really doing it for intrigue of interacting with unknown GIRLS!

To this day, whenever I hear Glad All Over or Bits And Pieces on the radio, I think of those days, and I still wonder: Ringo Pribella, where are you?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jojo said...

In my teeny-bopper days there was an old fashioned partyline that we could call and flirt with unknown boys and tell fabulous lies about ourselves, I of course was a tall, thin blonde-ha

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