Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Death of A Blog

Everything changes. Nothing is immune from the ravages of time. The gradual erosion of our everyday routine is usually slow, occasionally punctuated by small events, milestones, or even the passing of a loved one…

With the advent of the Internet, and especially Blogging, all this has been accelerated to warp speed. Blogs start up, flare brightly (or fizzle quickly) and some just wear out. Not in a span of years, but months or weeks. When I started to follow Blogs about seven months ago, I was extremely lucky to happen upon A Woman Without A Man by a young Icelandic woman, “Audi”. Since that time, I have looked at many thousands of others and have never found one that is as honest and touching as hers—where the joys and pains of being human in an imperfect world were as directly and clearly examined.

Issues of self-worth, of intimacy and failure were never avoided, but always addressed with a fierce sense of pride, humor, rage and wonder. Audi has killed her blog. For whatever reasons she has, that’s OK with me. Let us not mourn for what has died, let us rejoice in what has been alive. In a very real sense, these “scribbles” such are Blogs become a mirror, a microcosm, a distillation of our lives. It is this reflection that has a life of its own, freely roaming the world, touching others along the way, and then it, like us, is gone.

Thanks again Auður, for what you have given. Thank you so very much.

By Professor Batty


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