Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Mama Gets Folk

One last soliloquy about my Wisconsin sojourn: There is a small bistro in Bayfield that's pretty friendly, with good food at a reasonable price. During tourist season, they have live music a couple of nights a week. Maggie’s was full, and I was staying at Gruenke’s, so why not try Mama Gets? As I waited for my order, the entertainment began. It was an EARNEST FOLK DUO, a man and woman, obviously a couple, singing their homemade tunes about their love. For each other. Sung to each other - face to face. I felt like I was peeking in a bedroom window. If they had been a little less earnest, a little more musical, it might have been OK. But they weren't. They were awful. They had a "hat" in front of the stage for tips. I somehow knew that no matter how much money I put in the hat, they wouldn't stop playing. I made it through the meal (the food really was very good) and left a tip for the performers (pity?).

I went back later in the week. No stage was set up - good! Mellow crowd - Excellent! Yummy Walleye special - Fabulous!!! As I started to relax with a tall, frosty Leinie, the boombox behind the bar began to play.



By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

Daw, it's hard to express love in terms of folk music. Props to them for the attempt! ;)

I never knew Wisconsin had so much to offer until you came along. Vielen Dank mein gelehrter Freund!

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