Monday, September 06, 2004


In Cave Point County Park in Door County Wisconsin are a couple of miles of rocky shoreline. Mighty Lake Michigan constantly buffets this inland coast, creating the interesting overhangs and bluffs at the waters' edge. In a few places the shore is relatively flat, strewn with shards of rock and an occasional piece of flotsam. While walking on this rugged beach I came upon a seagull, struggling, amid the stones. I left it be, not knowing why it was there and why it did not fly away.

Door County’s name comes from a treacherous straight called “Death’s Door” by the early pioneers, for in it many a craft and crew entered a watery grave. I walked further on the beach and came upon another gull, this one quite still, its beautiful feathers flowing over powerful shoulder and wing musculature. For a moment I thought it was sleeping but realized quickly that it too had passed through the door.

By Professor Batty


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