Friday, October 29, 2004

Great Expectations

  “Are you making it scary for Halloween?”

   The speaker was a twelve year old girl, who saw me hanging a motorized bat from my porch eave.

   “Well a little I guess, are you going out for trick or treat?”

   “Well, maybe, if my sister will hand out candy, then I can go for a while.”

   “Will this be your last year?”

   “Oh I don't know, Maybe not - I’m pretty short.” She was smiling at the justification.

   “If the weather is nice there should be a lot of kids.”

   “Oh there aren't that many around here.”

   “A lot of kids have moved in, and kids come from other places to trick or treat here.”

   “Are you going to scare the kids again this year?”

   “Oh I scare the kids do I?”

   “I remember when I was small you scared me good!”

   “Well maybe I did scare a few… ”

   “That's OK, that’s what makes it fun.”

   “Some people don't like Halloween.”

   "Some people think its evil, people from churches and stuff. Its just for kids to have some scary fun."

   “Yes I guess it is. So should I scare the kids this year?”

   “Oh Yes! It's a lot better when it’s scary.”

   “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

   “Oh, there’s my sister, bye!”

   “Goodbye… ”

   I love Halloween!

By Professor Batty


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I'm saving this picture for future reference.

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