Wednesday, October 06, 2004

José Loved Betty

José lived in the biker gang's house. He wasn’t a biker,
but he hung out with those guys, coming and going as was his wont.

Betty lived with us. She was brought up in the country by a loving mother, along with a bunch of brothers and sisters.

José wasn’t big, but he was a scrapper. I didn’t want to know where he got his scars - or that nick out of his ear.

Betty was a sweetheart, never causing any trouble, she was just a joy to have around the house.

José wasn’t exactly the neatest character, and maybe his personal hygiene left something to be desired.

Betty was very well groomed, and was always clean.

José would come around, checking on Betty.

Betty didn’t mind.

José took off for a while. The guys in the gang house had a disagreement. Firearms were used. The gang moved out.

Betty got bigger and bigger. She had nowhere else to go so she stayed with us.

José came back and the new people who moved into the gang house knew him and let him stay, they liked having him around to watch the place.

Betty’s time came and she decided on using our old double bed in the back bedroom for the birthing place.

José stayed away.

Betty had four of the most beautiful kittens you ever saw.

José started to come around again.

Betty got fixed.

José still loved Betty  but after she was fixed...

Betty loved everybody...

A North Fifth Street Story

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! You've linked me!

Blogger Tykho said...

Ooooh! You completely had me there. I didn't see the feline aspect of it coming! But you never see these felines coming anyway.

Sneaky batty like a cat.

Blogger Comica said...

Hahaha! That's great!

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