Saturday, October 09, 2004

Little Sister

   So who is that person that Slim is chatting up? Slimmer than Slim, and taller, with an Opie-from-Mayberry haircut and a broad smile. With a plaid red flannel and stovepipe bluejeans. Wait a minute...the boyish figure and demeanor doesn't quite fit. The way that those two laugh without joking, how their eyes flash in sync...I make it my business to stand a little closer - not to eavesdrop, just to hear the sound of their voices. They are matched in pitch and inflection.

   Slimmer than Slim leaves. After a while, I ask Slim:

   "Was that your sister?"


   "She's younger than You?"

   "Yeah, about three years"

   "Is she going to school?"

   "No, she's not ready for school, she's having too much fun."

   "She's just adorable..."

   Slim flashes red for a second.

   "She's a brat."

By Professor Batty


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