Sunday, November 14, 2004

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“So what do you want to do tonight?”
“Oh, I dunno...why don’t you go get us a video?”
“Something domestic or foreign”
“Not domestic, but not French! Maybe Mediterranean, you know, Greece, or Italy... ”
“Greece might be hard... how about Tuscany?”
“Yeah... with a villa, and big family meals, colorful locals... ”
“Love interest?”
“Oh, no coming-of-age, and no creepy older men and younger women.”
“How about an older woman and a younger man?”
“Named Marcello!”No, no, no... ”
“Ok, that narrows it down a lot. How about this? Recently divorced (and bitter) writer goes on a Gay Tour, finds a run-down villa, moves in, her pregnant lesbian daughter comes to live with her, she has hints of romance, befriends a local young couple, has the marriage at her villa, her daughter gives birth, she starts a new extended family in the villa, writes the Great American Novel, everyone lives happily ever after?"
“Well, OK, make sure that the villa is remodeled, and the writer is a gourmet cook!”
“No problem. I’ll check under the fantasy section.”

   I came back with Under The Tuscan Sun. It met most of the requirements - except it did have the main character fall for a younger man...named Marcello...He told her she had "beautiful eyes" and it worked! (Then he ditched her, of course.)

   Like I said—a fantasy.

By Professor Batty


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