Thursday, November 18, 2004


It’s -11°C out there and everything is white. The low winter sun shines bright and gives the mountains surrounding the city a magical golden glow. Mittens, hats, scarfs and other woolen accessories are no longer optional. It’s now a question of survival.

The snow is powdery which makes it impossible to make snowmen and other winter creatures out of it. Instead the young at hearts run to every insignificant little hill with snow sledges and black garbage bags and get ready for an awesome ride. When the snow comes even the most mature of men turn into five year-olds again and throw snowballs at passing colleagues and friends. Girls all ages make snow angels and then run to the nearest café for a hot chocolate.

On days like these my little city really shows why it is loved by so many. We may only have daylight for a few hours but oh my does the sun use those few hours. Before long the bright blue skies will turn pink and then the pitch dark takes over. The nature’s beautiful display of color is not over though because it’s almost certain after a day like this that the dancing green northern lights will make an appearance. Finally my island is living up to its name.

By Little Miss Loopy


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