Tuesday, November 30, 2004

White Shoulders

An old lady perfume? Very distinctive, almost cloying, don't wear this when committing a crime, they’ll know it was you.

The power of fragrance is primal, it can be almost overwhelming in its ability to elicit memories and emotion. A former lover of mine wore it, as if to say: “sniff this and always remember me.” It worked. Years later, a co-worker would wear it on occasion. She learned of my experience with it and after she left that job she would occasionally send me an envelope, with only a scented tissue in it.
It seems that most modern scents are more complex, with different notes coming to the fore and then receding. Some, especially deodorants, are just plain bizarre. The internet has yet to embrace ‘odorama’—a few crude ‘scent players’ have been marketed—but they are more in the line of room fresheners, another strange realm. I could appreciate a few subtle nature aromas if I was reading about exotic places but most of the modern world is either neutral or offensive in its olfactory presentation. Nevertheless, I will always have White Shoulders to take me away —sometimes most unexpectedly—to a special place in my memory.

What is your nose’s most cherished association?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

To tell the truth, Dr. Pepper Lip Balm always seems to put a hungry grin on my face. It doesn't smell anything like Dr. Pepper, but it's delicious to wear.

Mowed grass can be amazing too. In fact, Gap marketed a fragrance not long back to capture that scent. Yes, I wore it, and I wore it proudly.

I've smelled White Shoulders myself, and it's a nice mature scent. :)

Blogger Tykho said...

Such timing! Yesterday I stopped at one of those perfume stores where they spray them on a little piece of paper and you can take it with you to see how the smell "turns."
I asked the sales lady to spray "Rive Gauche" from Yves St Laurent, the perfume my mother used to wear in the eighties. All day today i took it out of my pocket to smell it. It made me feel safe and took me to a happy comforting place, reminding me of times when i was small and my mum seemed big and i could feel completely enveloped in that smell with just one whiff and feel protected.
Perfume often speaks of seduction but this one reminds me of childhood and motherly warmth.

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