Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Job Title

   She was everything you could ask for in a promotional representative. Young, attractive in a friendly, wholesome way, not the least bit cheap or sleazy. Well dressed, but not showy. She explained to me what her "job" entailed. She would just go to her regular haunts: bars, nightclubs, dance venues, and be friendly and strike up conversations and hand out samples. The pay was so-so, but she would be going out anyway. In some places the bartenders were in on it too, so she would get free "drinks" of soda-water or mixer, so she wouldn't even have to by anything. How could she go wrong?

   "So, what exactly is this 'product?'" I asked.

   "Cigarettes, silly - what else?"

   After you have buried a few of your friends who died of lung cancer, it just doesn't seem like such a good deal anymore. "Cancer Girl" is not a good thing to have on your Karmic resumé.

By Professor Batty


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