Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Renaissance (Af)Fair

Ok, this one will have the names, dates and places not only changed, but omitted. For some reason beyond my understanding, every autumn Pseudo-Renaissance style fairs are held at various locations around the country. This gives work to unemployed actors and underemployed crafters. Everyone dresses up in flowing robes and gowns, buskins and bodkins, with an occasional codpiece thrown in for good measure. There are various entertainments, some actually quite clever (Penn and Teller played this circuit for many years). But there is always the village lout (idiot?) whose job it is to insult the unsuspecting rube.
On this particular day (some time ago) a newly engaged couple, happy in their prenuptial bliss, were strolling through the ‘village’ and were beset by the aforementioned lout. Within moments (and with the help of the groom-to-be) he had the fair damsel in the stocks, and made her the butt of ridicule, much to the amusement of the gathered crowd (and the groom-to be.) After what seemed to the fair lady to be an eternity, he freed her.

Now let us pause here. What would your reaction be to this situation if you were her? You could be gracious, or flustered, or mad or a bit of each. Perhaps you would also find it funny as well.

Not our fair lady. Seeing the crowd, the lout, and her betrothed all still laughing, she calmly straightened her clothes, turned, and began walking. She stopped walking when she reached her car. She then got in the car, locked the doors and drove home. 300 miles away. The groom-not-to-be was left with his new ‘pal’ the oh-so-funny lout.

That was the last time he saw her.

By Professor Batty


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That reminds me of how much I love Renaissance Fairs!

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