Saturday, February 26, 2005

House Full Of Women

I enjoyed the company of my sister-in-law and her two collegiate daughters last week-end, and with our son #1 on the west coast and our son #2 out and about, there was a distinctly different atmosphere at the Flippist world headquarters. After some shopping and dining exploits with the Weaver, we all settled into the ‘green room’ to engage in some small talk. I was never really very close to this part of the Weaver’s extended family, geography and age made for a bit of a gap. I had spoken a bit with my nieces, but usually perfunctory small talk at family gatherings (one thing I have learned over the years is to keep my mouth smiling and shut when in the company of the in-laws.) This was a bit different. The girls were now women, young women to be sure, but women nonetheless. I was in the kitchen, fetching coffee when I was startled to hear the younger one laugh, a deep throaty laugh that was anything but girlish.

As our discussion continued, it seemed at times that I was being tested a little, especially by my younger niece. We kept things reasonably safe with conversations about school, food and clothes, but a few ‘modern problems’ did come up. A little later my sister-in-law mentioned something she had heard about ‘blogs’ and ‘what were they’? The youngest niece mentioned that I had a blog and that she had read it.

Now the whole extended family will know of my secret life. In spite of that, I think they still like me… and the younger niece did give me a very nice hug good-bye to help me overcome some of my 'intimacy issues'.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"intimacy issues", you, with women? - HA!

Blogger Comica said...

Aw, the secret's out. Now everyone will know that you're not only a professor, but an author, an international spy, and a marvelous flying mammal as well!

It'll be tough trying to go back to the way things were now...

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