Friday, February 04, 2005

The Poncho

   A large square of wool, with tasseled edges and a lined slit in the middle. A basic garment, made by a ex-girlfriend.

   A standing joke in our marriage -"When are you going to throw that old thing away?" Still, it persevered.

   When that second pregnancy went a little long, and the days got colder, it was the only thing big enough to cover. The kids got some use out of it later on - a tent, a cape, a saddle, it was expendable and good for play. Still, it was wool, and it did last, but after twenty-five years it was finally time to go. The lining was ripped, the tassels gone, and I reluctantly gave it to the clothing drive. Perhaps it still exists, a pet's blanket, or reprocessed into felt.

   It was a good gift, Robin. Thank you.

By Professor Batty


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