Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sirens (and 2 Zombies)

   Sirens never keep me awake anymore. The piercing forewarning that they’re coming now seems to be a morbid lullaby of sorts every night around 1 AM. My roommate and I disparage the silence of the night as though it were a criminal act to be avoided. Indeed, the music of the city, the screams of our inebriated peers, the ZOOM of the occasional decked out luxury car, and the wind embracing the apartment buildings, is the very thing we love to listen to as we make the transition from this very real city to the fantasy of the subconscious.
Lately, the dreams have been scarce because of sleep deprivation. For the past week, room 1414 has been a haven for two insomniacs. The sirens still come, but they are no longer the Greek seducers they once were. 

   One night, I will sleep again.

By Comica


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