Wednesday, February 16, 2005


   The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a winter "carnival" every February. There are ice sculptures, parades, occasionally an ice palace, and Vulcans. Vulcans are middle-aged business men who dress up as Satan's minions, complete with a red and black costume ( with cape and hooded mask), black greasepaint on their cheeks, and a devilsh mein. They march in parades, do good deeds, and molest women. When they (and its always they, at least a gang of five or more) spy a vulnerable female, they swoop in, and rub their sooty faces against the face of their victim. When they are on a prowl of the city's bars, they take further liberties. Recently, they harrassed three of the staff at a St. Paul nightspot. They made a ring with their capes, surrounded each in turn, and allegedly groped the legs, thighs and genital areas of their targets. This kind of behavior has been going on for years, every once in a while it makes headlines, then is forgotten.

   Today, the three workers (all young women - all under 21), pressed charges against the ringleader. They did so publicly, at a great personal cost, not to punish the man, but to prevent this from happening in the future. This time it will not be forgotten.

   Of course to the thousands of women who have been assaulted in the past, it is never forgotten.

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

YEAH-Here's to not letting them get by with a "deamons will be deamons" attitude with this disgusting behavior.

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