Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Riding In Cars With Boys - III

...a '61 Chevy Bel Air! Our senior year in high school was winding down, we spent a fair amount of time out of the classroom and out on the streets. We were returning from a trip downtown, with Dan at the wheel, and as we approached a busy intersection I noticed that the light had changed, and that Dan hadn't noticed. "RED LIGHT DAN" I calmly shrieked. This time, Dan slammed on the brakes, the nimble Chevy prevented us from entering the intersection (barely) and as we watched in relief/horror the car in the lane next to us continued into the intersection and smashed broadside into a car that was crossing with the light.

The curse was broken.

Funny thing was, nobody would ride with Dan anymore! (Dan never had another accident.) Looking back, I guess this whole business explained why my parents were cool to the idea of me having a car in high school.

By Professor Batty


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