Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Vanishing Middle

Waikiki - Kalakoua Avenue

One of the hazards of a vist to Honolulu in late March is the possibility of great swarms of teenagers running amok on their spring breaks. Between dodging surfboards, and avoiding conch-shell-blowing rowdies, it was all that yours truly could do to thread his way to the water for his morning constitutional. Add to this mix hundreds of petite Japanese schoolgirls, some in traditional uniform, others not so traditional. When I was mere lad (grumbled the cranky geezer) there was a pop song titled We Like Short-Shorts. Back in fashion, here at least.

Add to it the bare midriff and and things begin to get interesting. Now if the hem line is going up, and the waistline is going down, sooner or later they will meet, and the bottom half of a two-piece outfit will disappear- is it not so? Not quite yet. The trend on the strip here (at least among 13-year-old Japanese schoolgirls) is a pair of short-shorts (Levis, of course) with the hems rolled up even more, and the waist pushed as low as possible on the hips. THEN pull the zipper down as far as you dare (as in all the way!)
This causes the normally non-purient professor to take pause.
Is this a good/bad thing? A new fashion trend? Or merely a blip, a little wave on the ocean of modern life? And where are the mothers of these girls?

Oh… There, on the beach, in skimpy bikinis.

Surf’s Up!

By Professor Batty


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