Friday, April 08, 2005


'58 Chevy, a hundred miles per hour down highway 100, someguy you never saw before behind the wheel, laughing...a gig with a pick-up band in a basement, driving a '63 Tremolux with a 5U4 rectifier tube into overdrive on 'Smokestack Lightin', Hubert Sumlin himself never played it finer...girls with too much mascara and too little clothes smiling with sinister's all too much, can't get any closer to IT than this; a definition of the moment? Keep on playing, the Johnny Walker Red pushing you out there, but in a coarse, manic way - where is the finesse? Louder, faster, they're dancing the dirty dog now, only a few layers of clothes between the flesh: its real, its real, take it further, you got it, you got it! You've been good too long, is she really only 16? Her breath is as intoxicating as the whisky...It's real, it's real, oh babe something's gotta give...

By Professor Batty


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