Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sex Ed 102

For some (or perhaps no) reason, taking the step from junior high to senior high caused all the boys I knew to lose all previous knowledge, behavior traits and/or social conditioning they had accumulated since birth. The nadir of this new paradigm had to be the after school make-out parties at JC's. His parents were never home, he seemed to have an infinite supply of junior high girls; and so, in our own inept fashion, his squalid tract house became the Playboy Mansion of North Minneapolis. This was not an initiation nor was it 'serious'. It was, however, a bit odd...
Some how, over the course of a few weeks, just about everybody got some "face time' with everybody else. It never went beyond a little light petting, and although we all knew that what we were doing was 'bad', it really was just an attempt to get comfortable with the idea of general intimacy with someone of the opposite sex. And then it was over.

What did I learn in this 'class'?

#1 All girls are very nice, each girl in her own way.
#2 Just kissing, without dating or talking gets to be boring after a while.
#3 Younger girls are pretty silly.

By Professor Batty


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