Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed

The Apollo astronauts were ready to make the final descent from lunar orbit to the surface.
The '63 Ford came to a halt in the darkened country lane.
They had been in lunar orbit for several hours, preparing for this event.
The young couple had been seeing each other for several weeks, spending their time together in closer and closer intimacy.
"Mission Control, we are ready for our approach trajectory adjustment."
"Let me push the seat back all the way, we'll get a little more comfortable"
Grasping the joystick, the pilot's firm touch, developed with years of training, manuevered the tiny craft into the proper attitude.
His eagerness, already expressing itself, needed a careful rearranging, so as not to be deployed too soon.
The tiny lunar excursion module enveloped the explorers on their way toward touchdown.
The family sedan became a love-nest for the excited couple.
As the moon's surface neared, the astronauts breathing and heartrate increased dramatically.
The lovers gasps were coming quicker now, their pulses raced faster and faster.
Touchdown. The crew prepared for their lunar exploration
Touchdown. The lovers' caresses now reached the intimate areas.
"Misson Control, this is Tranquility Base. The eagle has landed."
"Roger, You've got a couple of guys down here turning blue."

Later, the young explorers looked up at the rising moon.
The lunar explorers looked up at the earth-rise.
"It's really beautiful, isn't it?"
"It's really beautiful, isn't it?"

By Professor Batty


Blogger Prashanth said...

hhahahahahahahahahhaha that was incredibly funny....had a ball reading it...ROFLOL

Blogger Comica said...

This is perhaps my favorite post by the Professor yet !

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