Saturday, May 28, 2005


"...throw some more wood on that fire..."
" I figured it was just bad gas, the motor would die if I let the idle down..."
", the labor wasn't too bad, my water broke at nine and the baby was born by 8 the next morning..."
"...Ooh, com'on and do shots with us..."
"Squeeze me? Is that T-shirt for real?"
"Sure, here!"
"You going up to the Boundary Waters this summer?"
"So do you think a 6.1 megapixel is worth the extra dough?"
...don't know why I come to these, too much smoking and drinking...
"Attention please, we're going to do the raffle now- the last three digits are 739...739...nobody?"
"...finished eleven commercials this week. That director was a real asshole though..."
"739? Okay, we'll try another...801...801"
" you want a piggy-back ride?"
...there she is with her new baby, I want a baby...
"We've got this new karoake set-up..."
"You play pool?" "Oh I've been known to..."
"...was stopped with a .068 blood alcohol, that was too close..."
" I tell my manager that I don't care if we are supposed to be nice..."
"Having a kid is really cool and really frightening."
"I always said that having a baby is like being washed out to sea, you wash ashore about five years later and resume your life."
"I'll see you, maybe we'll get that canoe trip in later this summer."
"Yeah catch you later..."

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

You call that a party Batty? Where the sirens or gunfire?

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