Sunday, July 24, 2005


My summer reading has ground to a halt. Time to check out the Flippist library for suitable replacements. We'll skip the Sock-Monkey Erotica, I'm too hot already for that kind of foolishness. I really should be reading my copy of Teach Yourself Icelandic but the lesson stories are full of farm accidents, orphans and other melancholy. Here's a copy of Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine...I'll just open it in the middle..."The labial appendages of the Hottentot women have been celebrated for years..."I'll pass on that. I really should have another go at Halldór Laxness's Paradise Reclaimed- Iceland and Mormons! Together! Probably not the lightest fare.

Aha! Here is the book I need. Four Souls, by Louise Erdrich, This modern saga-writer of the Upper Midwest and her multi-generational novels of Indian and German culture in Minnesota and North Dakota are always worth the time. If you want to start in on her work, pick up a copy of Tracks. She has been compared to Faulkner and Garcia Márquez...enough said. I'll take this down to the screen porch and curl up with the story of Fluer Pillager.

By Professor Batty


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