Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Beast Within

I have been here from the begining.
Three billion years of primordal ooze.
Then untold millions of years in the sea.
Big fish eats little fish eats bacteria.
I head for shore, and go as far as my evolving limbs can carry me.
I become huge, and my golden age lasts eons.
I grow fur, and can stand the cold.
I change again.
Thousands of possibilites.
My hunger is ravenous.
I become monkey, then monkey-man, then man.
I am in the conquering hordes, with pillagers and plunderers.
The legions, the armies, the superpowers.
I am reborn in the twin towers, in a desert storm.
I will never forsake you.
I am the beast.
The beast within.

By Professor Batty


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