Friday, August 05, 2005

Crank Card

Opened a letter I received in the mail today and soon realized that I had received an anonymous political mailing. It was a Xerox of both sides of a postcard, with a picture of a kitten with five American flags on one side and the legend "Just thinking of you.." The obverse side continued "...and I wanted you to know it.", followed by this typewritten message:
anoka City government,
would someone talk to our
young mayor about the overuse
of his "expressive-middle-
finger-to-the-temple" on
It's very distracting and
offensive. It does how-ever
signal who he doesn't like.
also he needs to get people
to state where they are
from at open forums.
offended viewer

Below this, on the copy, was typed:

As a "(mayor's name) for Mayor"
Sign location last election; maybe you
could do something about this situation.

Well, maybe I could. Unfortunately, the sender didn't sign a name, so I can't refer him or her for the counseling that this individual could use. Or where I could go to pull his or her local access cable TV plug. If this person really has a complaint about the Mayor, why not tell him to his face? He's been outside his house, painting it for the last week.
Note: The Mayor of Anoka is a part-time position, paying $8000 a year. During the last election, his challenger spent $29,000 of his own money to run against him. I think some people in this town have too much time and/or money on their hands.

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

Geez, they could at least be shooting a few feral cats or holding a parade or sumptin worth while.

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