Sunday, September 04, 2005

The King Of Fools

   And so it has come to this. Our once proud nation, a nation that could get the job done, a nation of the people, by the people and for the people- is now paying the price of years of corruption: political, legal, and spiritual. An administration that has gained power by playing upon the fears and superstition of ill-educated electorate by a hostility toward Science and Nature, by its systematic destruction of the state itself, by an arrogance and contempt for those at the bottom of society, and by the dismantling of American industry and commerce in the pursuit of short-term profits, has reached the pinnacle of its expression.

   It is fitting, even poetic, that the debacle that is the response to Hurricane Katrina has come while "Dubya" is the chief executive officer. A lifetime of failure, of his being bailed out of one self-created disaster after another, has prepared him for the position of presiding over the greatest calamity in the history of the United States. The problems of the modern world call for a strong Federal government, not one weakened by years of tax cuts for the wealthy. The 'neocon' mantra has been "The government that governs best, governs least." I wonder what government they were thinking of- Haiti, perhaps? If so, the result of such thinking has been a prophecy that was spectacularly fulfilled by the events of the last week. His continued wars- war on the people of Iraq, war on any social programs for the people of the US (Social Security, Medicare), the war on 'drugs' (meaning the people who are addicted and need help for their medical problems), his war on Science, his unstated war on any country that has shown the sense not to follow in lock-step with his lunacy...the list goes on and on.

   Abraham Lincoln once said: " can fool some of the people all of the time...", but by doing so, in the face of hard reality, you become the fool yourself.

   All Hail George "Dubya" Bush, The King Of Fools.

By Professor Batty


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I can't add anything except that my feelings mirror yours!

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