Saturday, October 15, 2005

Are You Infatuated?

If you are the type that harbors a secret love, take this quiz to help you determine your level of obsession; the answers are below each question- so scroll down slowly, and good luck!

The object of my affection is:

A. Animal
B. Vegetable
C. Mineral

A. So far so good- but you'll need to narrow it down a bit
B. Not so encouraging- starts to rot in a few days
C. Diamonds are a girl's best friend?

If the object of desire is human, what is he/she/its gender:

A. Opposite
B. Same
C. Don't know
D. Don't care

A. Traditional roles- but still has potential
B. The new traditional?
C. You might want to check that out first
D. An open mind is a good thing, yes?

You see the face of your obsession in:

A. Dreams
B. Clouds
C. The static in between television stations
D. Around every corner

A. Good, wholesome imagination
B. You've just eaten some 'special' brownies
C. You're not obsessed, you're POSSESSED
D. You're being stalked

The other person:

A. Knows you pretty well
B. Knows your name
C. Has seen and heard you
D. Has never heard you speak

A. Then THEY have a problem, not you
B. Time to take it a little further
C. You need an introduction
D. You're not obsessed, you're just shy

Why you don't act on your crush:

A. I'm not in the same league
B. He/She doesn't know I exist
C. I've been hurt before
D. I'm afraid it actually might work

A. Are you playing football or what?
B. Oh yes they do
C. Get a first aid kit, you'll be hurt again
D. Now you're getting somewhere

Dating is:

A. A fun way to meet new people
B. A contest of wills
C. Torture
D. God's idea of a joke

A. Only if you are both in clown outfits
B. And the prize is what?
C. Or a root canal, whichever hurts more
D. Adam and Eve never had to go through this


This test is like your secret love: Its up to you to do something with it. (hint: a little casual friendship can go along way- if you can keep from exploding in the meantime...and if the sparks don't fly, its always nice to have another friend.)

By Professor Batty


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