Monday, November 21, 2005

Out Of Sync

I just couldn't get it together this morning. After almost getting rear-ended three times by the same person on the way to work, then walking in to the usual Monday Madness- machines broken, plots out of whack (don't ask what that means, trust me it is not a good thing) and then I fill up another machine with the wrong chemistry. I struggle through, trying to make amends, finally I give up and go over to Mac and Don's to get an ice cream cone. The cone machine is broken. I trudge over to the thrift store, everything there looks even worse than usual since they've installed the new, brighter, lighting. I toddle over to the coffee shop, and then it hits me-

"...If you wake up
And the day feels broken
Just lean into the crack
And it will tremble
Ever so nicely
Notice how it sparkles down there..."*

I'm out of sync. A mental switch gets flipped somehow, and I'm on the outside, looking in at the Sturm und Drang that the world is struggling with- and I am not, not now. Instead of coffee, I get a muffin (even the name muffin is comforting and pleasant) and return to work, at half-speed, as the caffeinated denizens of the shop race out, clutching their instant karma lattes. I go back in to work, eat my muffin and the rest of the day just falls into place. Everything works, I'm cruising and the morning fades into a distant memory.

"...Its not up to you
Oh it never really was
Its not up to you
Oh it never really was
Its not up to you
Well it never really was
Its not up to you..."*

No, not today, I got lucky and fell into the crack, and out of sync with a bad day and into the groove of a good one.

*"It's not up to you" - by Björk

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Machines broken, plots out of whack...'

Yeah, I know what you mean...


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