Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The 26th Year

The new year brought solitude. A dead-end affair had ended, as had an already dead one. "Live alone!" - a brave cry from someone who was truly alone for the very first time in his life. Making a routine, reading, thinking about what went wrong, what mistakes never to make again. Meet some new people, get to know some people you only know a little. The thing with the band might develop into something bigger, but what?
Alone again on a Sunday night. The weeks went by, more of the same, work, study, play a little. Tried drinking a bit, not crazy like in high school, just some wine to go with dinner. It was OK. Would this winter ever end?
A friend needed help (and the van) to move his girlfriend, why not? Just might meet someone...

The wedding was two months later.

By Professor Batty


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