Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Angel's Cat

We were living on the fringes of an industrial zone, near downtown Minneapolis, it was the mid seventies. Rent was cheap- but the neighbors weren't exactly the best- a gang of rowdies, with a penchant for settling their internal disputes with handguns. They had a cat- José. I've mentioned him before, one of the more memorable cats of my acquaintance. He was just an ordinary Tom, orangey fur, a little long and shaggy, not the best groomed feline, just a regular city cat. You'd see him around, crawling under the fences of the junkyards, keeping the vermin from over-running the area.

It so happened that one night José's "owner" was shot, seriously, but not killed. The gang broke up and left the house. José stayed. A part-time trucker moved in- he didn't really have any furniture, so he just used the stuff that was left behind. One of the chairs had blood-stains on it. Jose always slept on that chair.

The angel?

One of Hell's.

By Professor Batty


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