Sunday, January 08, 2006


Primary caregiver, home with a six month old, just got him napping, cleaning up the kitchen...
...scratch, bang, CRASH! What in the world? Going into the living room, opening the closet where the noises came from, a vicious-looking squirrel bounds out, and zooms around the room in wild-eyed panic- that panic being matched by its human antagonist who realizes that the slumbering infant is in danger from this mad beast. The rodent breaks for the kitchen, where the outside door is opened quickly, but the bushy-tailed rat isn't buying it. Instinctively picking up a butcher's knife from the sink, the adrenaline-fueled human finds the enemy behind a cupboard and stabs, and stabs again. The battle is over. The corpse is retrived, the door is shut, the baby is safe, and order is restored. A killer has been born.

I never knew that childcare would be so dramatic...

By Professor Batty


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