Saturday, January 28, 2006

There's Something About Mary...

...Magdaline, that is. The Gospel Of Mary, or rather, what exists of it, is a remarkable commentary on Jesus, soul, mind and spirit, women, men, and matter. The theology of this "lost" gospel is quite beyond the scope of this forum, but the very fact that it exists, along with a variety of other "apocrypha" is most intriguing. Evidently, before the third century CE a variety of Christian writings circulated (one scholar estimates that 85% has been lost) and were gradually suppressed in intervening years. The obvious importance of The Gospel of Mary is that it is the only one attributed to a woman. Of course Mary of Magdala is a featured character in the popular book The Da Vinci Code and is a central figure in the story of Jesus. That such an important personage has a "Gospel" and that it has been hidden for so many years begs the question "Why?"

The Gospel of Mary of Magdala by Harvard professor Karen L. King explores these issues in detail, certainly worthwhile reading for anyone who has considered the role of women in Christian traditions.

By Professor Batty


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