Saturday, January 07, 2006

Travel Plans

Going through a mountain of old photos can turn your head around a bit. Did the house really look that bad? And what was with my long hair and beard, Jesus? The kids were as adorable as remembered- Its easy to see why some people keep having them. And those family trips. Now that the two of us can pick and chose where we want to go (instead of having our options limited to "the lake" or "the farm") the choice becomes harder when there are more of them. Scotland has been on the back burner for a while, a package tour for two wouldn't exactly break the bank, but would sure dent it pretty badly. Vancouver looks like a better bet in the spring, still haven't quite got the old bean wrapped around what that would consist of. Surfing the net gave too much information- should get a travel book and take it to the meditation center- the bathtub (when is someone going to invent the waterproof laptop?)

Inevitably my cursor wanders over to the "Icelandic Information" bookmark. Prices haven't gotten any cheaper...but those Icelandair travel points are worth a round trip by now...must concentrate on Vancouver...let's see, if I only rented a car for a few days I could stay in a guesthouse in 101...The music festival is in October...

It's no use. I can't concentrate on B.C. when my heart is on the other side of the world. My sister lives on St. Croix, Virgin Islands...we could go there...Island=Ísland=Iceland...hafta work on that Canadian getaway tomorrow...

By Professor Batty


Blogger Thora said...

I love Scotland!! The scotish people are the best!!!

if you do go, you have to go to's up north, but so beautiful!

Blogger Born Too Late said...

Orbitz tix for 426.00 round trip to St. Croix! I'm on for the 1st through the 9th of March!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not waterPROOF, but pretty close,

also check out this:


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