Friday, February 24, 2006

Pixel-Pushin' Papa

I'm a pixel pushin' Papa, and when I photo shop the scene
You can hear those masks shoutin', don't turn your mouse on me
Now tiffs, I'm just a good guy, and I'm goin' to have my fun
And if you don't wanna look bad, don't monkey with my file

Like a jpeg when it's lo-rez, like a hard drive when it's full
I'm a pixel pushin' Papa, I know how to stamp my clones
The plug-ins all know me and they sure leave me be
I'm a pixel pushin' Papa and I retouch where I please

When I get that funny feeling when overlays call
I swing aboard my Wacom, and I click my pen y'all
Sometimes one shot will do me, sometimes takes four or five
Sometimes I shoot all around, before I'm satisfied

When you see my lasso poppin', you better hide yourself some place
'Cause I ain't made it for stoppin' and I come from a transformin' race
My cpu understands me, she says I am her big crop
I'm her pixel pushin' Daddy and she knows I can't stop

You can hear my scanner whining, you can see my Epson fly
But you can't ever crash my shiny Mac G5
I'm a pixel pushin' Papa, I'm goin' to print, and you'll see
Just follow me and you will see the gamut of my RGB

-with an apology to Jimmie Rodgers

By Professor Batty


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