Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lover’s Lane

63 Ford

We had driven out of the city and found a side road in the country, away from lights and traffic. The moon was setting, the night noises had diminished. I moved closer to her, hoping she would reciprocate, this was hardly the first time for either of us but she seemed tense and distant.

“What is it? There’s something on your mind, isn’t there?”

“I heard about a couple that was attacked in their car, it was out west here somewhere…”

Now I was the one feeling tense. It suddenly got very quiet.

“OK, let’s get out of here…”


We drove home in silence. The dark side won that night. There would be other nights, however…

By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

So where is this quiet, out of the way, road, Professor?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really on your way here? Will you give us a holler when you arrive?

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