Saturday, June 17, 2006

a is for arbus

wild night storms swirling around the entire metro but meteorology be dammed we're on an art quest driving through downpour after downpour going first to The Phipps in Hudson Wisconsin crossing the stateline the rain disappears there's a big shindig in the park across the street with a band and beer and brats it is WI after all into the show where large format guy Will Agar is showing some very classy photos part of a six person show browse at the skimpy food table then top it off at the DQ with something more substantial drive back into MN and the rain begins again by the time we hit St. Paul it is like being in a continuous waterfall all the way into Minneapolis exit downtown the road are blocked for some rained out celebration IT'S STILL POURING get turned around end up going in circles Police cars with sirens and lights I'm never going downtown again finally escape the maze of one-way streets and end up at the Walker Art Center for the Diane Arbus Opening Party drive into the Walker's new parking facility go round and round find a place to park no sense of where we are see a sign "P2" the scene is like the parking ramp episode of Seinfeld and I have to pee too go through a long corridor the rain is coming in there as well get into the museum proper there are THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE milling about arty and beautiful a big buffet and $8 drink tickets go up to the show and see Nicole and Kip and Kali at the entrance chat a bit go into the gallery lots of early Arbus rooms of her personal artifacts Nikon F Rollei WA notes workprints and then more stuff the famous images are all there some prints by her some newly printed all dark to the point of murkiness but moving nonetheless topped of with her institutional shots untitled series made just before her suicide yeah she had it going all right we take a breather in the Matthew Barney room before heading home the rain had finally stopped

By Professor Batty


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