Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Smoking Lessons - The Pipe

   When starting a vice it is helpful to have an attentive instructor. When we were young we dabbled in most of the usual sins, but only The Pipe came with the cachet of elegance. People of importance- lawyers, executives, deal makers- smoked a pipe; the very act of it required pause, preparation and calm. Nervous smokers, beery alkies or whisky-besotted ne'er-do-wells never could claim the poise of a distinguished pipe-wielder.

   In the photograph, the innocent maiden contemplates her new "look". The helpful tobacconist gives pointers on technique. And as the observer who recorded the serpent's temptation, I present this tableaux as a stern warning to any impressionable young minds who may feel the urge to transgress.

By Professor Batty


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