Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talking Head

It's a good life. Down to the TV Studio at two, run through the feeds, pick a half-dozen topics, have the production assistant line up some video clips, make-up and suit and tie, settle into my anchor's chair and the red light's on. I'll spin for cash. Politics? Always kick the dog that's down. Human relations? Always kick the dog that's down. You'll always come up a winner when surrounded by losers. A mother kills her kids and then gets off? On a technicality? (Well of course the "expert" witness lied through his teeth, who cares? No me! She should fry! Next heartbreak!) After the taping, a trip to my personal Doctor Feelgood- I'll be brilliant tonight as a guest on that cable show. A world of misery, my bread and butter, and the best part is, they pay me for it.

By Professor Batty


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