Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breaking A Sweat

The urge to re-arrange can be overwhelming. After looking for too many things that were right under my nose and then finding them a day later, right where I was looking for them, I had to act. An old desk that was way too big has been reshaped into a usable, two-tier desk of human proportions. With proper drawers and a hanging file there may actually be hope for some order in all this chaos. This project required multiple trips to the garage, the use of loud and dangerous power tools, and sweat.

   This "modern life" that so many of us aspire to seems to have eliminated perspiration (except when working out) in our day-to-day activities. Pervasive AC, usually a little too cool, and the rise of sedentary occupations has left little room for hard work by the sweat of one's brow (tradespeople and laborers excepted, of course.) So it was with some celebration that I began to "glow" as I went from task to task. The new workstation is now up and running, a cool Linie is my reward. All my honest sweat will soon be washed down the shower drain. "Work Hard-Smell Bad", and let the devil have his due, soap and water and a little shampoo, shave and a haircut, six bits.

By Professor Batty


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