Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't Let Me Lose This Dream

Girl In A Dream

Sometime between five and six a.m... Sleep is shallow, dreams of the night are reaching their climax, a final crescendo of images; important; the answers are nigh. Usually, but not always, there is a girl. Someone you once knew imperfectly. And there you are, under the trees, the sun's dapples are the spotlights on your stage. And the laughing, and the kissing, and the... the... the...

The clock reads 5:48. You turn over, and in trying to catch the end of that dream you close your eyes. The story is broken, another, less interesting one starts, something about catching a bus, or a plane. You are alone in your dreaming. The world outside is stirring now, the workadays are preparing for their toils. Dream on, dreamer, you will soon rise, and the night's adventures will usually be forgotten.

Usually forgotten, but not always.

If I lose this dream
I don't know what I'm gonna do
If I lose this dream
I'm dreaming about for me and you

If it goes away
I might as well hang it up
'Cause I don't know
If I have the heart or mind
To make it true
Or help it grow
And I only know, I only know, I only know

Don't let me lose this dream
Baby, baby hold on
Don't let me lose my dream,
Baby, baby be strong

By Professor Batty


Blogger Professor Batty said...

Don't Let Me Lose That Dream, words and music by Aretha Franklin and Ted White.

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