Friday, September 01, 2006

Batty Does Best Buy

The Bard of Hibbing was calling, who was I to refuse? Pedaling over to the ill-designed Riverdale Commons shopping center my way led to Best Buy, a huge retail chain selling consumer electronics and appliances. I knew they'd have Bob's latest Modern Times, I surpressed my pride and went in. I checked out the digital cameras, just for fun I tried to figure out the operation of a couple. I pass on that for now, I really should get something before my upcoming trip, I can't stuff my luggage with all the gear I took last time, when I could carry it on. If I didn't have to print these images at work all day ("Why can't I make a 20x30 from a two megabyte file?") I would be a little more eager...

...Back to the task at hand, Bob's CD, $9.99, I won't find it cheaper than that, I suppose...although I just got last year's double CD No Direction Home for $2 yesterday... Made my way to the check out, a bored young woman slurred, "Ya wantchabestbuydiscontcrdferanaddnitnaldahler?" What did she say? Was she trying to sell a service package for the CD? I thought it over a bit but I've learned it is better to just say "No, Thanks, No." "That'll be 10-64." I handed her a twenty.

"Can I have yer phone number?" For a cash transation? Or was she coming on to me? Maybe she was going to invite me to a Dylan party? Oh wait...corporate wants information, that was it... My response this time was a bit more terse: "No."
I should have given her "634-5789" but I'm sure she would have missed the joke. Although if she did catch it, I might have gotten that party invite!

And what of Mr. Dylan's latest? Like an old worn sweater, a broken-in chair, comfortable but showing its age... Bob still has his way with words, though.

By Professor Batty


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