Monday, September 11, 2006

The Gig-Cutters

A horn section is a peculiar animal. In a small band, they often have "head" arrangments, sort of winging it, but sort of not. They have their own language, a group of idioms and shortcuts that enable them to play together, in harmony, and sound good with minimal rehearsal. We use to call that "Cutting the Gig". When you bring together guys that grew up together, even though they have been apart for years, it can still click. Today was a day like that, a CD release party, with guys coming in from NY and Wisconsin. Playing as if they had never been apart. A lot of the old crowd was there, and they are truly an old crowd now. But the music- certainly the horn section- was as young as ever. Thanks, Max, Paul and Rochelle. You cut the gig.


By Professor Batty


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