Saturday, September 09, 2006

Seasonal Equipoise

I went down to the river last night, camera and tripod in tow, intent on securing some time exposures of the Giddings Gazebo on the lower Rum River. This structure is all that remains of a group of stoneworks which were constructed on the river's edge, a place where our city's first cultural pioneer would practice his clarinet on warm summer days nearly a century ago.

Last night was still warm, summer had not skimped on the temperature this year- altogether a delightful evening. It was quite still, as if the season was at a tipping point, indeed, in twenty-four hours it would be twenty-four degrees cooler. I shot the roll (120 TMX) and went home, it was after 10 P.M. yet still balmy.

Morning came in with the north wind and the temps dropped all day. Tonight I searched through my closet and brought out the warmer clothes, putting my shorts and Hawaiian shirts to the rear; that Lopi sweater, the leather shirt and the Merino wool, all marched out to the fore. Summer is over for the year, we'll have a few more warm days, but no more warm nights...


By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

Your picture is awesome, Professor. I cannot put into words the stirrings it brings out in me. Your blog saddens me. It seems all too short a time that yet another summer has begun it's retreat.

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