Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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And then She was off again. Searching the world, for fun, for education, perhaps for love? By herself- nothing seems to daunt her. London, Eastern Europe, the glory of Vienna, then Poland. A few happy posts. One completely outrageous one. And on my site meter a hit now and then from various Eurolocations, leaving me with the impression: she's doing fine, not to worry. A silence for a few days. It's always hectic at the end of a trip- no time to read or write. And then a hit from her home IP. She's home, safe. Everything is all right. I don't really know her, we've never met, but somehow, because of what she's written and how I've come to appreciate her on-line personality, I think about her from time to time- about her safety, her well-being, about her search for happiness. I realize that this is living somewhat vicariously, but that's ok. Some people watch soaps. Some people read novels. I just hope for the best for someone who really deserves it.

By Professor Batty


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