Thursday, October 05, 2006


It seems that my Scandinavian heritage continues to pop up to surprise and delight me. A blog that I discovered in a random search, Fields of Gold (which I put on the "watching" list under the name of its author "Shuusaku") has discovered my subtle suggestion and has turned the tables on me. The watcher becomes the watched. At first I had no idea where the writer was coming from (geographically speaking) but his closely reasoned and kaleidoscopic approach to the mysteries and quandaries of existence in his blog posts certainly resonated with my Flippist thought processes. And now I know from whence all those Swedish hits on my site meter are from. Seeing as my grandmother was born in Sweden perhaps the affinity is genetic ... welcome aboard... Shuusaku!

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the welcome. I hope I will do flippism justice. Enjoy your blog, 'Little David' has great depth.

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